6 Challenges You’ll Face During Your Stay In Bucharest (Romania)

So you’ve decided to travel to Bucharest and you’d like to know more than your friendly guides have to offer, well this is the article you’re looking for then. I will be your virtual guide for this article and tell you about some of the challenges you might face here. Here you have 6 obstacles upon traveling to Bucharest, that will give you a heads-up advice and some useful info.

  • Beggars’ Haven

A beggar sitting on the grass in the cold weather, near the subway train entrance


Although there are a lot of churches, more than churches are the homeless and beggars, this will make you think of one of those old books about adventurous poor fellows but it’s actually not so, some are drunk, some drugged, some have been living in the sewer system and others are ill beyond a cure, when around them keep your guard up and be cautious, until you have passed them a street or two, you may also encounter them in the bus, tram or other means of transport, helping them with money is a double edged sword because a majority use it for alcohol and other intoxicants, my theory is this, if you see someone eating from the trash and you’re feeling kind, there is no harm in helping them with food or some clean water especially if they are children.


  • Subway Pain

    Waiting for the train….

The subway train is probably the best means of transport in Bucharest, mainly because it’s faster and more spacious than the rest, unfortunately the train is not punctual, say you’re going from point A to point C, the train will stop at point B for 5 minutes and arrive late, or the information screen in the subway will add extra minutes for some unknown reason. Another problem is that the train closes at 23:00 and opens at 5:00 am, that means that if you want to go out and party till 2:00 am you’ll have to take a cab (more about that below) back home and pay extra just because of the suckish subway time shifts.


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