About the blog

This is just a simple and yet entertaining blog that will offer you some insights about different places around the world, that I had the chance to visit or live in, also you will get the chance to know how adventurous really it is, to have a medical career and perhaps some interesting facts about health every now and then.

How I began

I took care of the exchange students, like my own kids !!

I began writing online since July 2015, when a guy asked me to write a bunch of medical articles for him to gain profit, after he disappeared from the online network of social media, I decided I should be doing this out of pleasure, to share my stories with everyone.

Meet the Team

For the moment I am the only author here, if you’re a medical student and you have stories you would like to share, please email me a pitch and a CV and if your material is impressive, we will make a team together hopefully.


Majed Achtar

Author & Founder

A medical student, who likes to discover and learn from places and people around the world.