Tale 1: The Air That Lingers About Every Roma

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I have decided to take up the task of relenting tales of various Romani people, i.e. people of nomadic origin who both, did not integrate and were not integrated into society. These short tales are based on real events and people, although I shall take the right to join fact and fiction together, the essential remains the same. The purpose of this conduct is to maintain the identity of these individuals a private matter known only to me and them, but also because narrating a story should be fruitful and not just solid, informative facts that add no entertaining or educational value even when exacerbated in narrative.

In no way does any of those tales target the dignity or belittle the humble way of living of any group of people. I don't believe in prejudicial biases, people are judged according to their individual behaviors. Genetic varieties are quite numerous, so that no two individuals are the same in thought or deed.